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I am active at and Wookieepedia.

Also, I am a staunch believer in many liberal positions (such as the right of a woman to choose, government oversight of industry and commerce, etc), but I disagree with gun control. I reserve the right to make up my own mind.

Also, I completely disagree with the sometimes anti-American bias that rears its ugly head on Wikipedia. I don't harbor any notions that America is "the greatest country in the world" or any hogwash like that, but I believe that an encyclopedia created by an American, with a huge American audience and amount of contributors should reflect that more. For example, I completely disagree with the title of the page devoted to corn titled incorrectly maize, by people who feel that usage in other areas of the world should override the practices of the country where it originated, with the largest population of native English speakers.

All that doesn't mean I won't contribute and try to be helpful when I can though. :P